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Our missions




SEA will help you to define your industrial strategy in France and internationally!
We will enable you to challenge your organization in all industrial areas, particularly for the automotive and aeronautical market.




We are specialized in partnering with major groups and SMEs ; the company will assist you in all your change and development project on the field. We guarantee profitable solutions and optimize your industrial performance at the lowest cost.




We train your management, commercial and technical teams in negotiation and in the implementation of industrial partnerships while taking into account the intercultural dimension of each country.


Our methodology is based on close observation of the field which is shared with your management team and in collaboration with your staff.

We establish a diagnostic of your situation to define together the “starting point”.

We elaborate a common vision during a controlled period.

We build progress management indicators visible for all the staff.

IT is the implementation of the PDCA ( Plan DO Check Act).


Establish the starting point.
Determine the opportunities for progress, benchmark against best in class, analyze the gaps and the causes.
Share the vision and the targets for each KPI selected.


Test some actions to check their effectiveness.
Modify or apply them all over the company.


Analyze the results, estimate the costs, calculate the lead times and check that the selected targets have been reached.


Analyze what can still be improved, restart the process from the PLAN stage, turn new actions into standard actions or update existing standards.


Founder and President of SEA… with 35 years of expertise
in management and industrial strategy.

« Together we identify the progress drivers of your organization, we build the visual KPIs for all staff.
We implement with your teams profitable and pragmatic solutions over a controlled time period. »



Set-up strategy


Land search and negotiation with government for greenfield plant implantation in Brazil.


Development strategy


Development of an industrial partnership with a major local player in Iran for brownfield plant set-up.




Implementation of optimal lean manufacturing of production systems and industrial tools.


Lean Management


Development of convenient solutions on the field, optimization of workstations and change management.

Recent activities :

• Industrial footprint
• Optimization of production systems and industrial tools
• Improvement of industrial efficiency
• Transformation of organization
• Change management




To make all employees responsible and confront managers with the consequences of their decisions. This trust is synonymous with an open mindset and total transparency.



We know how to adapt our approach and our methodologies to the context of our customers. Totally involve our customers in project execution by accepting to question existing certainties and at the same time keeping an open mind.



Respect of commitment and respect of others. The success of a project is only possible if it is built on sharing ideas, opinions and experience.



Recommendations are worked out in an independent and objective way, build on total transparency within the framework of relations based on honesty, confidentiality and defense of interest.




Kaizen Institute

we help you establish a culture of continuous improvement



Guy Rolland

Economic adviser



Trevor Boyle

Language and inter-cultural coaching




Local Latin American partner , expert in Lean , international negotiation



HG consulting

Local Iranian partner , logistical support and economic intelligence


LTO Avocats
International law & economic sanctions – Iran field experience



Local Indian partner, international business / JV partner



South Asian Association for Regional Co-Operation



Expert in partnership and cooperation



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    (+33) 06 03 67 68 94